Subject Re: [ib-support] IN clause, limitation to 1550 items
Author Daniel Rail

At March 15, 2003, 16:35, develop111 wrote:

> I'm currently using IB 6 OpenSoucre version with my Delphi programs.
> I'm planning to migrate to Firebird in a near future. A limitation
> with IB 6 is that I cannot have more than 1500 items within the "IN"
> clause in a query.

> Is this limitation is the same with Firebird ?

Yes, the limitation is still there. There have been some talks amongst
the Firebird developers on how to increase it, but they're not
conclusive at the moment. Also, if you didn't know, an SQL statement
can only be at the most 32K characters. It's a limitation at the
moment. Also, it is possible to have multiple IN clauses in a query,
up to the statement size limitation.

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