Subject Re: [ib-support] FBUDF NVL Problem
Author Valdir Stiebe Junior
> A selectable SP would be a much more elegant way to do this. Why can't
> use SP output for your report?

Sure is more elegant, and we have a lot of reports that are simple calls to:
"select <fields> from GET_REPORT(params)".

We use ReportBuilder and Delphi, from our report config form we can
configure a lot of filters that dinamically define the sql that will be
passed to the report. And this one in special is a report with 15 - 25
filters where the n combinations can generate n sqls. We could create a
procedure with all parameters but is much easier to create the sqls
dinamically. And a procedure with at least 20 params, where in some cases
only one will be used is a weird thing.

Thanks Helen.