Subject Re: [ib-support] Problem installing Firebird 1.5
Author Daniel Rail

At March 14, 2003, 06:08, Stephen Wood wrote:

> I've run into a little problem that maybe one of you guys can help me out
> with....

> I'm trying to install Firebird 1.5, and I've tested it on our systems, and
> everything seems to work ok. Our aim is to install Firebird on pc that
> potentially will have Interbase installed as what I did was
> install Firebird 1.0 again (cos that looks almost exactly like interbase)
> and then tried to install Firebird 1.5 as well. The guardian service
> installs ok, but the actual server doesn't. Windows reports error 1078
> trying to install the server into the service control manager. I suspect
> it's because it clashing with FB 1.0 server....

> I did try and change the port number in the Firebird.conf file as well...

> Any ideas?

How did you install it? Did you use the command line
installer(instsvc) or a GUI installer?

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