Subject Is this a firebird bug ?
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I'm getting :

Incompatible column/host variable data type.
Dynamic SQL Error.
SQL error code = -303.
conversion error from string "30-MAY-2000".

inside a stored procedure that is executing the following command :

select first 1 p.peso,p.altura
from peso p
where (p.brinco = :Brinco) and (( - :dNasc) <= 20)
order by p.brinco,
into :Peso0, :Altura0;

30-may-2000 is the content of dNasc variable that is defined as DATE. is a field defined as DATE too.

Any ideas ?

PS: Anyway, it's very interesting the error message. Why FB is trying
to convert the date from a string when the variable is already defined as
DATE type ?


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