Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Multi-processor support with Linux?
Author Paul Reeves
David Montgomery wrote:
> In a nutshell, the performance we've seen with superserver (in
> production the past 18 months) has outstripped classic (the prior 4
> years) by a significant margin in a Windows 2000 deployment. The
> comparison has unfortunately been highly informal, and possibly
> completely invalid since our last version change in production was
> from IB 4.2 to FB 1.0, but running on the same hardware.

IB 4.2 was/is super server. The last classic IB server for Win32 was IB
4.1. It sounds as if you are not comparing classic to super server but
the first version of superserver (IB4.2) to what is essentially a
version that was improved throughout the IB 5.n and IB 6.0 beta releases.

FWIW, performance of Fb 1.5 promises to be even better.


Paul Reeves
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