Subject BTW, Thanks for the information so far
Author David Montgomery
I'm generally just an occasional "lurker" in the forums since the only
time I visit is when I have a question or problem with FB, which is
just about _never_.

In the 5+ years of running IB/FB in a busy production environment,
we've only had one big issue: how to migrate 3,500+ .gdb files from IB
4.2 to FB 1.0 in a happy way.

In retrospect, I can't imagine what it might have been like had we
chosen MS-SQL or Oracle when we first started with IB. I probably
would have to be a much more knowledgable DBA/sysadmin, since we would
be out of business if I wasn't!

The Firebird product logo should actually be one of those 'happy face'
buttons from the 70's...

Best Regards,

David Montgomery