Subject Re: ACCESS clone with Firebird
Author Didier Gasser-Morlay
I am already sold to the fact that by using FB users will get short &
long-term benefits - speed, reliability, proper multi-user,
transactions ..... but my customers are not and are looking for an
easy front end whatever back end, hence my question. once that is
found, 2nd stage will be to explain & advocate why it's so good ....

--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> > I am trying to push usage of Firebird for some of my customers
> > apps (got to start somewhere!) and they always push MSACCESS
because of
> > QBE, front end feature, interoperability with MSoffice ....
> >
> > I know all the drawbacks of MSACCESS but it does not seem to be
> > to deter people from using it.
> >
> > So .. does it exist something like MS-access, but powered by
Firebird ?
> >
> > I believe there would be some market interest for such a product.
> Not with the same 'facilities'. I have replaced several
> Access applications with IBO/Firebird and given the customer
> back some semblance of a fast responce time. One application
> was taking 90 seconds to save a change - could not see how
> to make Access any quicker, but the replacemnt application
> runs on three machines and gives almost instant responces -
> since the input was from telephone enquiries ...
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