Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Execute stored procedure in select query
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello again,

> I have a field that could have the next values: Y or N.
> In my program, I have a search form, where the user can search on
> this field. But it is not nice to let the user press the Y or N.
> After the user press one key, the form execute direct the query. So
> after every key input, the search results are refreshed.
> So I want the possibility to let the user input YES or NO.
> Maybe it is now more clear.


Why is is not nice to let the user press Y or N ? I find it a lot
easier than typing a full YES or NO :-)

Or do you mean you want to make Yes / No buttons?

You can make the input as easy as you want for the user, but that's
something you code in the application, not an SQL thing.

Paul Vinkenoog