Subject Re: SHOW TABLES; error code -104 token unknown SHOW
Author jwhinyyc <>
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:

> >Is there some magic I need to do to SHOW TABLES?
> SHOW <object[s]> is an ISQL token - it's not available in DSQL.

Thanks for the info, Helen.
I was not aware of the DSQL/isql distinction before, so I learned

I do not NEED the SHOW TABLES capability for my proposed
application so it may not matter, but I might l@@k into a

PythonCard is an interesting development, inspired by Macintosh's
HyperCard. It uses Python (obviously) and wxWindows, so is
(or will be) a cross-platform application development environment.
Among the Samples provided with PythonCard is a database Browser,
which currently handles Gadfly, MySQL & PostgreSQL. I thought it
would be interesting to add Firebird support to it, which would
help promote Firebird, and be a good learning opportunity.
So I'll invest a bit more effort into a SHOW TABLES
workaround (and whatever else I discover is required) before
going on to my real application.