Subject Re: Problem with Firebird/gbak on Linux
Author Andrew Monteith <andrew.monteith@valmet.
--- In, Frank Schlottmann-Goedde
<fsg@u...> wrote:
> Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
> > Paul Reeves from IBPhoenix had a look on that and AFAIK
> > (by watching the firebird-checkins list) a fix/workaround
> > has been checked in, so this will be included in the next
> > v1.0.x maintenance release.
> If you can't wait, the fix should be available in the latest
snapshot build:
> Frank
> --


Thanks for the advice.

I tried the snapshot, and it still doesn't work. So I thought I had
missed something else. I then reinstalled FB 1.0-796 - it works,
then back to FB1.0.2-908 plus snapshot and it doesn't work.

Is the snapshot supposed to solve the problem? or am I still
missing a setting somewhere?

Thanks again
Andrew Monteith