Subject Events one more time
Author Jakub Czyzkowski
I just analized all posts about problem with IBEvents under FireBird 1.0.
But there was no any solution of this problem !!

So I tought, if I describe my problem, some one will share his knowledge
with me.

I use IBEvents, under Interbase 6.0 was everything OK (under Linux and
Windows systems booth), but under FB 1.0 (the same computers, booth
systems), is the same pbolem:
While registering Events I got message:
"Project ..exe has raised exception class EIBInterbaseError with
message 'Unable to complete network request to host "". Failed
to established a secondary connection for event processing. It isn't
possible to establish a connection because the destination equipment
has rejected the connection."
There is no firewall, no 2 eth's adapters, or any like this. It doesn't work
on local machine !

Any sugestions ?

Please help, or I will be forced to move back to Interbase 6.0 !!

I browsed a devel list, but nobady care with this problem. Like it dosen't

Please help

Best regards