Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Maximum Capacity
Author Martijn Tonies
> > What is the most important point, to determine 'I should select
> other DBMS
> > which is not Firebird'.
> Well, my very personal opinion is that this is less a matter of
> database size but more a matter of the demands for availability.
> I personally would feel much better to be responsible for a several
> hundred GB-database which allows for some comfortable downtime every
> now and then than to keep even a small 1GB database up and running
> 24/7 with no downtimes allowed.
> I would not hesitate to use Firebird for the huge 100sGB-DB but I
> would really prefer Oracle for the 24/7-thing.
> No, I don't want to say that Oracle is more (or less) reliable than
> Firebird.
> It is more a political reasoning based on
> "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM^h^h^h Oracle"
> If you use Firebird and for any reason the database goes offline for
> some time, you can bet to hear sooner or later "that would not have
> happened with Oracle".

Which, of course, is just because those people don't know Firebird
and it's crash recovery... :)

Unlike Oracle... with it's huge description on how to recover...


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