Subject Re: Maximum Capacity
Author Frank Emser <>
--- In, Listeny <listen@s...> wrote:
> What is the most important point, to determine 'I should select
other DBMS
> which is not Firebird'.
Well, my very personal opinion is that this is less a matter of
database size but more a matter of the demands for availability.
I personally would feel much better to be responsible for a several
hundred GB-database which allows for some comfortable downtime every
now and then than to keep even a small 1GB database up and running
24/7 with no downtimes allowed.
I would not hesitate to use Firebird for the huge 100sGB-DB but I
would really prefer Oracle for the 24/7-thing.
No, I don't want to say that Oracle is more (or less) reliable than
It is more a political reasoning based on
"Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM^h^h^h Oracle"

If you use Firebird and for any reason the database goes offline for
some time, you can bet to hear sooner or later "that would not have
happened with Oracle".

Kind regards
Frank Emser