Subject Re: Re[2]: [ib-support] Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
Author Theo Bebekis

> > I use IBX and work perfect until now ;)
> Me too. If Firebird will loose compatibility with IBX in the next version, I
> won't upgrade. Firebird 1.0.2 works fine for me now, so I don't have reasons
> to upgrade, except the improved performance.
> Adrian Roman

Me too. I have the same thoughts as Andrian and I believe many others here too.
In fact I like IBX. I don't use db aware components, except from a read only dbgrid,
in my projects since I want total control when validating input data. So IBX is
fine for me right now. But the future may bring compatibility issues...

Anyway, I see Nando Dessena talking about IBX forks and I wonder if there is
any project on creating such a fork. If there is, then I'll be glad to participate in developing such a component set.

The truth is that I started to do that in my spare time and I've already coded
the service components and some "preliminary" dataset code but I have no
more time right now to continue. So if there are others like me out there
why don't we form a team and start coding that package? I believe that the
firebird dev team will gladly answer any technical questions may arise in such
an effort. What you think?


Theo Bebekis
Thessaloniki, Greece