Subject Re: [ib-support] Change varcahr(40) to Varchar(100)
Author Bojidar Alexandrov
Andy Browne wrote:
> Hi Michael
> 1) Add a temp field varchar(100)
> 2) copy data from field to temp field (check the copy)
> 3) drop field Varchar(40)
> 4) add field Varchar(100)
> 5) copy from temp field to new field (check copy)
> 6) drop temp field.
> If you have dependancies you will have to sort those out first.
> This is long winded but safe!
> Andy

Make three backups of database, restore them, compare databases to be sure
Then save them on disks. One of them put in metal case at the office, other
bury in the garden, and the third send at secure friend on the other side of
the earth (in case of nuclear war)
Then do: ALTER TABLE tablename ALTER columnname TYPE VarChar(100)
And be happy :)

Bojidar Alexanrov
Kodar Ltd.