Subject Re: [ib-support] Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
Author Nando Dessena

>>You could check FIB plus. It also costs money (I believe about 200 US$), but
>>is based on FIB, just like IBX. The switch from IBX to FIB plus will
>>probably not be so hard to do. I think most will work, only in FIB plus some
>>common problems are solved (i.e. use of 2 transactions in the dataset, so
>>your data remains visible after an update). The makers are supporting both
>>Interbase and Firebird. You could download a demo at

H> The equivalent package in IBO is $149.50 (data access components for use
H> with TDatasource and TDatasource-compatible controls).

It's more equivalent in interface and behaviour to the BDE than to

H> It's a myth that IBO costs more than FIBPlus.

Yes, but the effort required to convert IBX->FIB+ is an order of
magnitude inferior to that required for IBX->IBO. One can decide on
his own whether it's worth or not, but this is the fact.
If I were using IBX with Firebird, which I am not, I'd investigate an
IBX fork and possibly help the developers make it happen.

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