Subject Re: [ib-support] Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
Author Helen Borrie
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>Subject: Re: [ib-support] Recomended component for FireBird & Delphi ?
> > IBO even
> > over $300.
> > And let's not forget the cost of the time spent to change the IBX apps to
> > use another set of components.
> > I'd rather take the FB 1.0.2 source and change it to improve the
> > and fix bugs, rather than pay for a new set of components and spend time
> > change the IBX apps :-)
>You could check FIB plus. It also costs money (I believe about 200 US$), but
>is based on FIB, just like IBX. The switch from IBX to FIB plus will
>probably not be so hard to do. I think most will work, only in FIB plus some
>common problems are solved (i.e. use of 2 transactions in the dataset, so
>your data remains visible after an update). The makers are supporting both
>Interbase and Firebird. You could download a demo at

The equivalent package in IBO is $149.50 (data access components for use
with TDatasource and TDatasource-compatible controls).

It's a myth that IBO costs more than FIBPlus. It's $50 cheaper for the
equivalent (plus some nice little extras that you get from the
internally-wrapped native IBO).

IBO isn't one set of components, it is two. The "other" one <g> has about
60 data-aware controls as well and it's not an FIBPlus or IBX equivalent.

Also, though IBO isn't free, you don't have to start paying to use it until
you start to make money from it. When you do pay, you get full source.