Subject Re: SV: SV: [ib-support] Newbie question
Author Nando Dessena

D> I find it strange that IBOConsole uses quotes when creating tables as
D> that fools new users, as me, to belive that this is standard behaviour
D> of firebird. But as you say, quotes should be used to define columns
D> that may use reserved words although that should be avoided.

this is unfortunately a common misconception. F. ex. IBX's IBTable component
forces delimited table names in dialect 3 if you use it to create a
table, and people (err, the author, actually) think it is correct

See Luc's comment in this very thread (before it got hijacked, at

L> If you use dialect 3 tablenames (and other metadata) _ARE_ case
L> sensitive.

this isn't exactly correct, Martijn has got it right instead. If you
use dialect 3 tablenames (and other metadata) _CAN OPTIONALLY BE_ case
insensitive. You choose (and if you're smart, you choose not to :-)).

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