Subject IBServer crashes when preparing statement
Author Anthony Ison

I am having intermittent problems where I get a 'lost connect to database'
error message when running certain queries. At this time, the ibserver has
been restarted after an abnormal termination. There has recently been a
second source of this error introduced after changing some stored
procedures. It appears to be database related, I think. It also appear to
be connected to the fact that there is an IBDatabase component accessing the
database. When this connection is removed, it appears to occur less often,
or not at all. However the original cause of this problem was not using the

I am running Interbase (the stable one), with IBObjects (and IBX as
seen above...).

When referring to the interbase log, I can see a bunch of Connection Refused
(connect error 10061) messages leading up to an Access Violation.

Firstly, what other info can I provide to help track this down? Secondly,
is this a known problem, with a fix or workaround?

Thanks in advance.