Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Help with Multi-threaded application on Localhost
Author Helen Borrie
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>Hi all,
>I work on a 3-tier application and I have a very similar problems. My
>client-server use Indy objects and the sever application maintain an
>individual thread for every client connected to it. In each thread a
>new connection to Firebird database is created(I use dbexpres but I
>also try with IBO). Unfortunately when two clients request try to
>acces the database at the same time, the application freezes( and
>also firebird server). I read in some material that GDS32.DLL is not
>thread safe, so I asume this is the problem and sincronize all
>database calls. Now it works but I'm not satisfied with that

Are you saying that you have this problem with a TCP local loopback
connection? (localhost as server?)

The problem you describe is "as designed" for the local server...gds32.dll
is not capable of being thread-safe as a local client.