Subject Re: Help with Multi-threaded application on Localhost
Author marcel_nic <>
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Hi all,

I work on a 3-tier application and I have a very similar problems. My
client-server use Indy objects and the sever application maintain an
individual thread for every client connected to it. In each thread a
new connection to Firebird database is created(I use dbexpres but I
also try with IBO). Unfortunately when two clients request try to
acces the database at the same time, the application freezes( and
also firebird server). I read in some material that GDS32.DLL is not
thread safe, so I asume this is the problem and sincronize all
database calls. Now it works but I'm not satisfied with that
solution. Maybe Dan can also use this solution if nothig else found,
but I hope you can help me with some suggestions ... to find another