Subject Re: Firebird performance
Author Aage Johansen
Svein Erling Tysvær wrote:
> At 10:03 24.02.2003 +0000, you wrote:
> > > > use, but also periodically updating 100.000 records or more, or
> > exporting a
> > > > million records with hardly perceptible impact for other users.
> >Wow, that sounds good! ;)
> Just to balance that a bit. I work together with Aage and if things are
> done correctly, then sure, things like this doesn't affect other users. But
> we do run quite a few ad-hoc queries as well, and do have to be careful to
> check the plans before running them. Executing queries carelessly can
> easily bring the system to a halt, at least that is what it feels like when
> the wrong query is executed (e.g. doing a SELECT ... WHERE <field> in
> (SELECT ...) guarantees problems on tables with over a million rows).
> Though the general impression that your system should be no match for
> Firebird is certainly valid. Hopefully someone can tell you how to add
> users from VB.

SET is correct, of course. A query/SP may run the CPU at 100% for a while
and other users will not be happy - this happpens. However, I do try to
write the programs (e.g. the export I mentioned) so that they don't take
complete control of the CPU. If the CPU is at less than about 95%, other
users (with interactive selects, updates, ...) will not be in pain - in
fact, it seems they don't notice the load on the CPU. It boils down to the
design of the database and your app (in addition to what your users are
doing and the hardware). Keep in mind that Fb a C/S database, not a
desktop system, NOT a desktop system, NOT a desktop system, NOT a desktop

Aage J.