Subject RE: [ib-support] Non-technical database question
Author Cassandra Harley
>In which case, the file in a "trasnportable" file scenario (to use your
>terms) would be out of editing action by all others until the accountant
>finished his "correcting/editing". Then you would have to give the file
>to the client.. No? Doesn't sound a good recipe for client satisfaction
>the system.
Yes, you have a point.
However, it is the same scenario that users of other products are faced with
(ie a client giving an accountant MYOB data files, or someone passing a Word
document on for editing and returning) Albeit MYOB and MSWord have both come
up with solutions to this. (ie MYOB creates accountant 'backups' which can
be remerged with the original data, to update any accountant corrections and
not overwrite any changes the client has made in the meantime, OR MSWord
which has these crazy routing capabilities) both techniques have there
merits, but also have there downfalls.
In any event, it happens and is nessecary. The program can create very
complex ways of dealing with such situations, however, the also poses user
problems (ie the UI of these merges etc is not always fun).

I argue, but you do have me thinking.