Subject Re: [ib-support] Survival of Prepared state was Re: just if you are curious
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Sunday 23 February 2003 14:38, you wrote:


> > > If I understand correctly, the JayBird driver doesn't allow prepared
> > > statements to persist beyond a commited transaction.
> >No 'component' set allows this, as FB does not allow this. Basically,
> >everything in FB is only valid within the context of a transaction,
> Indeed FB does allow this. Commit with retain (implemented in Delphi
> components as CommitRetaining) opens a new transaction after committing,
> using the same transaction context as the one just committed.

You are of course correct (as always). I did not consider CommitRetaining,
because I was assumuing the question was about 'persisting prepared
statements after a commit, to be used later with another transaction, and
xxxRetaining basically 'restarts' the same transaction immediatly on commit.

> Does the Jaybird driver not support CommitRetaining?

Its not in the JDBC specs, so if it does, it may be buried.

> Maybe statement handles are not as tightly bound to transactions as you
> suppose.

It has always been my understanding that resultsets, statement handles etc.
are only valid in the context of the 'current' transaction', and when the
transaction ends, the result sets, statements etc. become invaild. I am sure
my understand of resultsets becomming invalid is correct, but maybe my
understanding of statment handles is incorrect.


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