Subject Re: just if you are curious
Author Aage Johansen
Daniel wrote:
Hi Roberto,
> When fb1.5 will be available as final release I can do some detailed
> benchmark, but I can't release specs or profiler reports due to IB7
> agreement.... :-\

Arno is pretty much responsible for FB 1.5 optimizer improvements.
I think you can answer some of Arno's questions. If Arno can perform
the comparisons himself, then I think you could give Arno the SELECT
statement that you are using, including the table structures, and
maybe the selectivity of the indexes.

Daniel, Roberto observed:
> I have a difference of 25%... 2.9msec fb1.5 and 2.3msec ib7... I see that
> the first query time is identical on both DB, so I'm near sure that ib7
> manage better the cache!

The "first query time is identical".
Maybe it isn't 'optimization', but 'cache utilization'.

Aage J.