Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] just if you are curious
Author Daniel Rail
Hi Roberto,

> When fb1.5 will be available as final release I can do some detailed
> benchmark, but I can't release specs or profiler reports due to IB7
> agreement.... :-\

Arno is pretty much responsible for FB 1.5 optimizer improvements.

I think you can answer some of Arno's questions. If Arno can perform
the comparisons himself, then I think you could give Arno the SELECT
statement that you are using, including the table structures, and
maybe the selectivity of the indexes.

So, if there are some more improvements that can be performed, by
using a test case that the FB developers hadn't used(or thought of)
yet. I'm pretty sure that the FB developers would love to be able to
see if there could be more improvements done for even faster

Have a nice day.

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