Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: GPL access and visual components for Linux GCC?
Author William L. Thomson Jr.

On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 16:06, Marco Menardi wrote:
> What I need is COMPONENTS to develop applications, not gui front ends
> for database management.


> I want to develop for KDE, Linux and the GPL community, using GCC that
> AFAIK is also a C++ compiler (no, Kylix OO is not a GPL compiler/IDE).

I am not familiar with Kylix, but does it not provide support for using
the native gcc compiler instead of it's own internal compiler?

Also if you want to refer to gcc for C++ you can say g++.

If you want to develop for KDE, you will be using QT as your visual

That handles the front end, and as for db access you have your choice of
IBPP, the C API, or make your own C++ wrapper for the C API.

> I'm a Windows programmer used to Delphi and IBObjects
> (, so I would like to find a similar way in the
> Linux / C++ / GPL world.

I would look into the suggestion of using the Zeos components that seem
to be available for Linux and Windows, programmed in Delphi/Kylix.

> Put that I want to develop a personal finactial manager (just an
> example), I need to access the database (Firebird) with Queries
> components,

There are no queries or general components like IBObjects for Linux that
I am aware of. Just libs to access the API. What ever components you are
referring to you will have to roll yourself.

> and have visual components to edit the fields (Edit boxes,
> Grids, and so on), navigation bars, an so on.

These are common gui components available with just about any graphics
lib out there. On Linux you have mainly two, QT and GTK. I use GTK
because I am a Gnome Linux desktop guy. If you want KDE use QT.

> Maybe "component" is a term common only in Delphi... I mean "classes",
> "objects", "pre-build routines". I don't want to access the database
> using low level API.

How are you expecting to access it then? Is the C API, IBPP, or your own
C++ wrapper to the C API your idea of low level API access?

I am not aware of anything featuring pre-built routines and etc for what
you are trying to do.

If you are doing it with C++ you will be using QT for visual components
and IBPP for database components. Or as stated above you can do
something else for the database component part.

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