Subject debugging a remote connection
Author duilio_fos <>
FB v. 1.0 is hosted in a server mounting W2000 Professional.

The server is happily accessed by 10 clients with W98 in a LAN via

Using Interbase Interactive SQL, I can access the FB database writing
as follows:

Remote Server: checked
Server: server
Database: c:\gesfonav.gdb
Username: SYSDBA
Password: ********

An ADSL pipe, a router and a static IP has been added to the server,
with the aim to access the database from a remote location.

This remote connection does not work.

Say that the static IP is

If I ping from the remote connection (a few km away), the
server answers all right.

However, if I try to use the good old ISQL with the following

Remote Server: checked
Database: c:\gesfonav.gdb
Username: SYSDBA
Password: ********

I get the infamous -902 error:
"unable to complete the network request..."

The guy who mounted the router says that ev is ok, that all the ports
are open (included of course port 3050) and that there must be
something with the FB settings (i.e. that the problem is on me).

I have little experience re remote connections.

Once I experimented how to access a FB database in a PC with W98,
thru the Net, from another PC with W98 using dialup connections.

At the time, I had no problem at all, but W2000 is a different beast.

Any advice re how to get out from this deadlock ?


Duilio Foschi