Subject Re: IBX and FB1.5
Author mk_delphi <>
Hi All,
I dont know how the users access Firebird but I think
a lot of them use Delphi, should be the most of FB user
are Delphi user, so IBX under FB will be a must or many
of them will switch back to IB. FIBPlus and IBO are great
alternative but not OpenSource.

Reading the header of the source of IBX I use, (6.03)
released at then end of 2001 I think, seem that IPL
still remain until this release... and it is more newer
then one on sf.

The header:
-The contents of this file are subject to the InterBase }
-Public License Version 1.0 (the "License"); you may not }
-use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain }
-a copy of the License at }
-Software distributed under the License is distributed on

So can we use this to build FBXperiment??

Marco Kregar

--- In, "Frank Gruber" <ZJQBBYSESPEZ@s...>
> > The older version on sourceforge is not GPL, its IPL, the same as
> > Firebird. I believe it was copied in the firebird tree soon after
> > was released. I don't think anyones ever worked on it however.
> Seems that there is not much interrest in an FB compatible
> IBX version ?
> Regards,
> Frank.