Subject plan(pk_xxx) into procedure
Author Danny García Hernández
Hello List,

We have a big database with a lot of SP, some of them are using PLAN syntax
to speed up selections. I don´t know the reason, but in rare situations,
one or some proccess corrupt this
index used into SP´s PLAN and the database become unrestorable

We have a default and hard way to solve that .

1- Extract metadata from the corrupt database
2-Back and Restore without index
3- Create metadata (SP and Views)
4- B/R agains
5- Finish

As you can see it´s a uggly process and required lot of time in a great B/R
proccess. Some times, we make some change into SP's Blr and the FB allow us
delete the SP (Life smile us some times).

The question !!. Any body know another procedure, of course, more easy than

Thanks in advanced