Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird on XP
Author Pete Clark
In message <CFN376695730781134@...>, jsbriantes <jorge@sur-> writes
>I've tryed with:
> servidor:c:\archivos de programa\sse\bd\ssebd.gdb
>where "servidor" is the server's name, and "c:\archivos de
>programa\sse\bd\ssebd.gdb" is the DB-Path and GDB file.
>I've also tryed with:
> c:\archivos de programa\sse\bd\ssebd.gdb
> without server's name, that is not neccesary on local machine.
>I've also tryed to connect to XP from a Windows 98 machine on the same
>network, and the same error appear on interbase.log.
>I'm using Firebird 1.02 - Build 914.

On my windows 98/2000 set up, it would be
\\servidor\archivos de programa\sse\bd\ssebd.gdb

Pete Clark

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