Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: IBX and FB1.5
Author Daniel Rail

>> Yes, it works by me, but i wouldn't advice to
>> use IBX. The change is high that it will break
>> in the future. I definitly advice to use IBO or another
>> 3th-party vendor (also for Interbase :-).

> The only thing we use from IBX is TIBDatabase TIBTransaction and
> TIBSql. We have built our own DB components which integrate into IBX
> and I prefer using them over IBO or something else because they are
> specially tweaked to our needs.

> If the basic IBX components stop coorperating with FB maybe there
> would be a way to tweak them for FB? Are the sources available ?

There's probably a way. You'll have to make changes in the IBX source
code. First step, instead of pointing to gds32.dll, point it to
fbclient.dll. Then you might want to get familiar with whatever new
external declarations that fbclient.dll might have and probably follow
the progress thereafter with the new versions of Firebird.

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