Subject IB7 vs. Firebird 1.0x features
Author jbperez808 <>

"In prior versions of IB once a SQL statement begin
execution on a single CPU machine other pending tasks would
not gain access to the CPU until the executing statement
finished. If a statement took a long time to complete
other users applications with statements waiting to be
executed would become unresponsive while waiting their

Does this statement apply to Firebird 1.0x as well? If
it does, how serious a problem is this in real world

"InterBase 7 does not support decomposing a single SQL
statement into multiple execution threads that can run
simultaneously on multiple processors."

Any plans to support this in future versions of Firebird?
How practical a feature is this really?

"If you have a Windows system with multiple processors
installed, InterBase 6.5 and run two or more SQL statements
simultaneously while looking at the Performance tab in Task
Manager. On a dual CPU system you should see CPU usage at
about 50%.

Now install InterBase 7 and repeat the same test. You will
see both CPU's being used at the same time."

Does this imply that this is not yet the case with Firebird
1.0x? I thought one could already expect this using Linux
Firebird 1.0x SS/CS and NT Firebird NT CS?

"Temporary Tables for Monitoring the InterBase Server"

Will Firebird 1.5 or later attempt to be compatible with these?