Subject RE: [ib-support] Application freeze due parallel connection attempt
Author Dmitry Yemanov

> I have an application, which creates multiple threads and each of them
> tries to connect to Firebird DB and do something. I work with DB
> through ODBC, but I guess the problem wont be in ODBC drivers. What
> have I found out so far:

It's an old known issue. The current implementation of the local (win32 IPC)
protocol uses single shared memory map to serve all connections. Hence it
obviously has to lock other transport requests, i.e. it doesn't allow you to
have a number of clients operating simultaneously. The forthcoming XNET
local protocol should solve this issue. If you're interested in testing your
app with the today's (unfinished) implementation of XNET in FB 1.5 Beta 2,
please contact me privately for instructions.