Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] Massive INSERT test
Author Daniel Rail

> At 12:36 11.02.2003 +0000, you wrote:
> On Windows, forced writes off is suicidal. Turn it back on - even if
> performance suffers a bit.

Actually for Firebrd 1.5 beta 2, there has been some improvements in
regards to Forced Writes OFF. There are settings that can be
configured on how often you want COMMITS be saved to disk(the file
buffer gets flushed to disk).

> I've already recommended commit for every 10,000 inserts or so and to turn
> off your indexes. Beyond that, I have no good suggestions at the moment.

Another improvement in Firebird 1.5 is the implementation of
SAVEPOINTS, which is almost the same as commit retaining, with the
added feature to be able to only rollback to the last savepoint,
instead of rolling back the whole transaction. Svein's suggestion
is still a good one, I simply wanted to point out a new feature in FB

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