Subject RE: [ib-support] How do I write Stored procedure ??
Author Alan McDonald
unable to create.......... more information (said with rising tone a la

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Subject: [ib-support] How do I write Stored procedure ??

Hi Guys,
I was going thru Stored Procedures...
I have a TempDrs table which has only one field called DR_ID which is
of VARCHAR(50) so I wrote a small SP like...

set term ^ ;
create procedure GETDRID_TEMP( sDRID varchar(50) )
returns ( rDRID varchar(50) ) as
For select DR_ID from TEMPDRS where (DR_ID = :sDRID) into :rDRID
do Suspend;
end ^
set term ; ^

but am unable to create it.. can anybody help ???

pls am waiting for your feedback.

Kiran Kumar.

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