Subject Re: embeded SQL log
Author arbitragex <>
> do you need permanent ongoing logging of statements? If it's just a
> time you could save monitor output to file... but you'd need a
pretty big
> file (much much bigger than the database itself) if you wanted to
keep it
> going for any length of time.

Actually I just wanted to take a look a the SQL statements issued by
the Clarion "SQL accelerator" ODBC driver.

For instance in Clarion to add a record you can write:

Add( Table )

and Clarion generates some sort of SQL statement.

SQLyog that connects to mySQL has that sort of logging so I can look
at what goes "through the wire" this way.

I am trying to build the largest possible DB ( hopefuly one GB+
rows ) that will initially fit on a desktop PC, just so you know ...