Subject Firebird v1.5 Beta2 now available for Windows and Linux
Author Leyne, Sean

The FirebirdSQL project team is pleased to announce the release of Beta
2 of the upcoming v1.5 release, for the Windows and Linux platforms.

We are eager to hear about your experience (good or bad) with it. Please
send your reports to the Firebird Developers mailing list (or
newsgroup). Don't forget that your feedback will help us to move forward

Background information:
The 1.5 release is the first version based on new, cleaned and improved
C++ source code tree with many new features and bugs fixed. Complete
list of major changes beyond the 1.0 version is quite long, and you can
read the up-to-date information on the FirebirdSQL web site (see address

Don't forget that this release is still a Beta! It may blow up to your
face, but it may also work better than you expect from an alpha-quality
release. Anyway, use it only for testing, not for production systems.
Although this release have not (yet) an installer and the documentation
is brief, you should not have any problems to get it running and taste
the flavour of new version.

We'd like release new builds often, so check our web site regularly for

Sean Leyne

- FirebirdSQL Foundation, Sponsor - Silver Level
- FirebirdSQL Foundation, Member
- FirebirdSQL Project Admin (one of many)