Subject Re: [ib-support] Out of memory
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Monday 10 February 2003 08:43, you wrote:


> I have an appl. that contects to an Firebird DB (1.0).
> In my appl. I have made a rutine, that select 228.000 records, and
> parse through each of them.
> For each record I call a stored procedure that either update another
> record or insert a record.
> Project xxx raised exception class EOutOfMemory with message "Out of
> memory". Process stopped.

Setting unidirectional=true will prevent all 228.000 records being buffered
in memory on the client side.

Unless you have a need to display all 228.000 of these records in the client
app, I would switch the whole lot to a stored procedure, so no record
fetching to client will be needed at all.


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