Subject Out of memory
Author Michael Vilhelmsen <Michael.Vilhelmsen@M

I get an error message when doing a large correction of some data in
my DB.

It says "Out of memory".

I'm not sure whether this is the DB Server saying this, my program or
a 3. thing !

Could anyone help my when anything ?

My program is made in D5 Enterprise using TIBQuery.
I run thruogh some 200.000 records and these cover 2 months of
When I start I create or update some 160000 records in two tables.
When I change month I do the same, and at the end again.
So I will at the end have created or updated some 500.000 records.

I trying this in a single transaction, but this gave me "Out of
Then I split it up to several transaction, but still I got the error.