Subject Re: Out of memory
Author Michael Vilhelmsen <Michael.Vilhelmsen@M
To answer my own question.

I set UniDirectional to true, and the problem was gone.

But I still would like to know why I got the error in the first place.
And if I could do something to avoid it !


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> Hi
> I have an appl. that contects to an Firebird DB (1.0).
> In my appl. I have made a rutine, that select 228.000 records, and
> parse through each of them.
> For each record I call a stored procedure that either update
> record or insert a record.
> That'll say it will update / insert up to 228.000 records.
> Does two query both uses the same transaction.
> Before starting I do a
> if not then
> MyTrans.StartTransaction
> After the rutine has run through I do
> MyTrans.Commit
> On a smaller dataset it completes with no error.
> But on this bigger dataset (which I doesn't find that big) I get
> error:
> Project xxx raised exception class EOutOfMemory with message "Out
> memory". Process stopped.
> I get it running both from inside D5 and running my appl. alone.
> I kept an eye on my Task manager and all the time I had at least 96
> Mb of physical memory, and my swapfile wasn't used that much.
> I have even tried running the program without any other programs
> running on my machine at the same time.
> Same result.
> Is this caursed by my program, because it doesn't allocate enough
> memory for it self ?
> Can I change that ?
> I know in Turbo Pascal 7 I could set some compiler directives to
> increase the amount of memory available to my program.
> Regards
> Michael