Subject RE : [ib-support] Hosting Firebird on XP Pro (was Re: Windows XP Home)
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Joseph,

> Windows 2k Pro is still a client Os ; it has at least one limitation :
> limited number of client connections

AFAIK the connection limit of the Windows client OSes does not limit
Firebird or Interbase connections. File Access etc. is limited to
ten (?) connections, but a Firebird Server listening on port 3050
can accept more incoming connections.

Firebird clients just attach to port 3050 of the server, but they
do not open any files - this is just done by the server process.

So you do not have to buy an expensive Windows NT or 2000 Server
to host Firebird - just Windows NT/2000/XP would be sufficient.
(Linux would still be cheaper and better, though.)