Subject OT: Load Testing
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
I put a note up 28/1/03 in the borland 3rd parties, but no-one replied:
>I've been tasked with writing a paper and probably testing "Load Testing
>Software". The current environment is D3 -> D7. IB5.6 -> IB7. Possibly
>Oracle and other development languages later.
>Trying to do load testing for largish (200 users +) two tier applications,
>need to gather real ambient loads and replay over and over again.
>Anyone got any favourite tools (other than role your own)?
+ my additional comment below.

Does this mean that none of you do load testing or you are all too busy
testing to reply :-)

Give me some feedback, I am not getting very far with my own research, so
far it looks like role your own or mercury load tester is going to be it.

So I know Helen will be busy casting a spell as she reads this (hocus pocus,
get this list focused). Does anyone do load testing, if so how. What about
off the shelf packages.