Subject Re: [ib-support] Current_Time / Current_Date / Commit
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 12:47 AM 2/7/2003 +0000, focusedpoint <focused1@...> wrote:

>The problem I'm having is that the date and time logged for each
>entry (which is assigned using current_date and current_time) is the same
>for every log entry with a single calculation run, even though the run
>takes a few minutes to complete.

Welcome to SQL standards world. Current_date and current_time are set
at the beginning of a transaction. The older values 'today' and 'now'
move forward with the clock. However, that behavior makes it very
difficult to write serializable transactions. For what you're doing,
declaring a timestamp column and assigning 'now' to it is probably
the best choice.