Subject Re: new MacOS X / Darwin FB1 Release
Author Todd <>
I double checked things. Downloaded a fresh tar.gz from SourceForge (via ibiblio). Used "view contents" in the finder to open the package, then dragged postinstall to TextEdit. Looking at the file via emacs shows the same thing.

postinstall and postupgrade both are broken in the same way. Line 130 is split in two.

Line 130 reads (beware yahoo wrapping):
cat /etc/inetd.conf /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.framework/Resources/Engli

Line 131 reads:

sh.lproj/var/inetd.conf.isc > /etc/.interbase.temp.install.inetd.conf

This should all be one line.

> > Further, re-running the installer totally fails.
> > It wipes out /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.framework,
> I don't even see where (in the install script) it wipes
> /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.framework. Removing the
> Firebird.framework directory by hand should allow you to reinstall.

My bad. I was inadvertantly looking at the wrong machine's library (via ssh) while trying to debug this. But note that preupgrade does indeed remove the whole framework. I just can't confirm that it did this for me, since I ran the installer a few times in a row to catch the log. (I couldn't find the log stored on disk anywhere after the first run.)

> > Are there any plans for a new installer package for FB 1.0.2 ?
> Now there are, yes.

Cool. I'm willing to spend some time helping if needed. Not that I have lots of time to spare (who does?) but I love Firebird too much to see it stagnate on the mac.

> The install script for Darwin is basically the same thing.

The broken line 130 is indeed different in the Darwin installer.

Thanks again, John.