Subject FB over the net
Author Marcus

I am currently doing some investigation into ways of allowing clients to
query a data over the net, not through a web browser. We currently have a
client base of about 250-300 concurrent users, all connecting over the
internet to our central processing application. The client application
currently reads a local MyBase xml file for reference data. This data has
no more than 2500 records. This has worked fine as the users have
downloaded the MyBase file via an FTP site every day to get the latest
data. However this file is about to be increased to over 60,000 records
with an expectation for this to increase (double) later in the year.

What I would like to do is have a Firebird database sitting on our server
and allow the client to query it directly over the net. Has anyone done
this before? What pit falls must I look out for? I'm just after some
experienced guidance on this :0)