Subject Re: How do I report defects to develop community?
Author Aage Johansen
Maybe you should do a repeat posting Monday or Tuesday, or take it to
Also, state which versions you use (IB/Fb, Win/Linux, etc.)

Aage J.

KIMURA Meiji wrote:
> I've been developped an application using InterBase/FireBird for one
> year. I found two defects on LIKE clause with using character set
> 'S_JIS0208' and long VARCHAR.
> Two defects are as below.
> (1) SELECT statement using LIKE clause terminate IBServer.exe abnormal
> ly.
> (2) SELECT statement using LIKE clause makes wrong result sets.
> I can tell the situation and condition about these defect in detail.
> If needed, I can supply *.GDB files and script for isql in order to
> reproduct these defects.
> Then first of all, how do I report them to develop community of
> FireBird?
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