Subject New and Lost, Need help(newbie)
Author joinfree2 <>
Hello to all:

I am very new to databases and need help understanding what to do or
how to go about it. Please forgive me if I sound unlogical, but don't
know how else to ask this questions:

1- Before I download "firebird" I would like to know if once I
download the software I can open it on my desktop(pc) in order to
configure the features of the database. Or do I download it and then
upload to my website and then I try to configure my dababase?

2- Will I need other tools in order to configure database? I ask
because I see some mention about C++Builder and Delphi.

3- I would like to create a database of my signups and payments to be
issued to members at different levels. Can this be done using this
software? And how difficult would it be for a newbie???

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.