Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Strange performance with FB 1.5 - Help
Author Daniel Rail

At December 30, 2003, 13:12, bazarin wrote:
> Daniel, thank you!
> I did the change in the CPU bios now and run the test again. This are
> the results:

> 1) The processing time for one client decreased to 1:30 minutes (25%
> less).
> 2) Running the system with 4 clients the time continued almost 4
> times more (5:20 minutes).
> 3) Looking at the log for each client we could noticed:
> 3.1) Although each client started at the same time (we put 4
> engineers starting the application at once in each microcomputer) the
> second client started 17 seconds after the first, the third started
> 57 seconds after the second and the fourth 40 seconds after the third.
> 3.2) It seems that the FB could not start the four clients at once.

> Is there something in the FB configuration that we could change to
> solve this?

Look in the release notes under New Configuration File ->
Windows-specific parameters (approx. page 38). You'll find there some
parameters that will able you to tweak Firebird's internal thread
scheduling. Experiment with them until you have the optimum
performance for your configuration.

Also, have you tried using the Classic server version? With the
Classic Server each connection is a separate process(instead of a
separate thread as in Superserver), and I think(meaning: don't take my
word for it) it works fine with HT enabled.

One thing you forgot to mention is which version(beta no., RC no.) of FB 1.5 that you
are using.

Best regards,
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