Subject Getting n number of rows from a table ...
Author Anand
Is there any way I can retrieve only n number of rows, and not
all the rows,
from a table? Something similar to :

SELECT TOP n * FROM <table> as used in MS Access/SQL Server...

While searching for this on the VB Forums, I also found another
way of doing
it in Oracle, using the Row_Num, but both these approaches have
failed in

Apart from there being a direct/indirect support for this kind
of a thing in
the Firebird SQL, I can think up of at least one other way of
doing this,
through a stored procedure that returns a specific number of
records from
the table. The SP would have to create and hold a cursor for
this. I would
like to know more about this approach too.

Thanks and Regards,

Anand S. Kashelkar

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